Sunday, April 12, 2009

A week to remember

The Les Mis Play.......Finally after weeks of hard work. This is Marius and Cosette at the Cafe'.....
Bobby and Betty came up early to see the play. They also came up to see Hudson play soccer and Jordan play volleyball......Hudson's game was cancelled and Jordan played awesome!!!!!!

This is Cosette singing with her Father Jean Valjean (Nick Contreras)

Kylie Jo came down from school, she colored and cut everyones hair....and may I say did an excellent job. She also had to do her Grandma Danny's make up, toe nails and hair while she was here!

Sidney was taking it easy coloring eggs after her big week. CUTE HAIR SID!!!!

Sid and Lauren!!!!

Kylie Jo and Jordan!!!! Coloring eggs, while Kykie was here they first slept over at Kimmie's house for fun....Thanks Kimmie. They went bowling with some friends and helped me out a ton, running here and there and they picked up the house and all their hair messes!

Jordan's egg.....much better than the green one she did.....CUTE HAIR JORDAN!!!!

Now for the play, it was unbelievable!!!!! I can't believe a hand full of 8th grader's could be so talented! This is Cosette and Marius....cute couple:)

They did the play twice....the first night we all went....Bobby, Betty, Jordan, Hudson, JoLynn, Bob, Grandma Shirley, Danny Ray, Debbie, and Jana. Holy cow it was so good! I wish I could download all the songs for you. This picture is actually from the 2nd day.

Yes, Sidney got to get to know all these cute boys! This is Jake he was Bamatabois.

This is Erin Davis she is in our ward she was the foreman's Girlfriend

Me and my family at the 3:00 play the next day.....I thought it was even better the next day.

Sidney singing about her love Marius......

Sidney and some of her friends in the play......

Giving flowers to the 2 teachers that put this all together.....they deserved a lot more than flowers!!!

Tyler and Sidney after the first nights play! I am so glad everyone got to come to our house and stay to see the play. We all had a blast and laughed, and laughed and laughed! Hudson does still live with us......Ha Ha he just isn't in any of the pictures.......he was playing video games with friends or by himself most of the time. Hopefully there will be another play next year! Thanks, Kylie for the great hair cuts! Thanks Grandpa Dick for the $$$. The kids love the itunes card Debbie and Deanna. Next blog MEXICO......we need a break!