Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Gifts

Yep Jordan and Hudson were both born on Mother's Day!
Jordan May the 13th and Hudson May the 11th.  Sidney was a wonderful Mother's Day Gift July!

Fast little bugger!

Well,  since there was NO basketball season or soccer season I will update you all on the lovely track season.  As you can see I am a little bitter about the sport Hudson has chosen to compete in......We go to watch him run for 11 or 22 seconds 3 or 4 times each track meet. Even though I'd much rather be watching him make a goal he has proven worthy to be on the track team. 
We had our first meet in Grantsville, I wont be able to remember all the times but, he has done well.  I know at this meet he ran a 11.99 and set his goal to get to around 11.5 (state qualifying time).  The next meet was a qualifying meet at Box Elder, the 4x100 team he is on qualified for state and he ran a 11.64 in the 100.  He was clocked in at 11.25 at the Bear River meet but we are pretty dang sure their timer was off :)  and it wasn't a qualifying meet.  He had a meet in Carbon County which is about 3 hrs away, Bob was out of town, I wasn't driving that far to watch 11 seconds of anything. That morning at 5:00 a.m. he couldn't find his track shoes so he went without them (yes there was tension in the car all the way to the bus). At this track meet with borrowed shoes he ran a 11.42, took 2nd place, and qualified for state.
Fast forward to today.....he is qualified to run at state in 4 events (100 M - 4x100 relay - Medley Relay- 200 M) he runs the first leg in the relays. 
This Thursday the Stallion Track Team was crowned the Region 11 Champions. Hudson could not have done better, he was the only freshman make it to the finals and he just about beat this FAST senior from Ogden.  Hudson took 2nd in the 100M, 3rd in the 200M (his 4th time running it) his 4x100 team took 2nd and his medley relay team took 1st. 
This weekend is State.....hopefully I will be able to get it recorded like the BYU invitational meet.  In the video he was racing against all the kids in Utah 3A-5A.  He placed 21st in the 100 M and was the only freshman in the top 150.  I don't know what place he was in the 200 but it was at this meet he qualified for state with a 22.92 (third time running it). 
We are very proud of Hudson.....but I would still rather watch an hour of him on the soccer field than a total of a little over a minuet on the track......maybe next year! ;)

Good Luck Stallions!


Sidney's Jr. Prom started off with breakfast and a muddy 4-wheeler ride.  They all had approximately 2 hours to get ready for dinner in Salt Lake.  I know the food was good because Sidney had to have Taycee loosen her dress a little bit after they ate ;) The promenade was wonderful. .  All the girls looked so beautiful and the boys looked very ravishing (Sidney's word choice). Bracken was a very handsome crown bearer.  I don't know for sure what time Sid got home ( I know it was way late)....but I know she had a great time!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cabinetry & Design Jobs

Cabinetry & Design is the name of my business......

I have a couple of showrooms
one in Grantsville and the other one in Tooele.
I have designed and sold several jobs and continue to get business mostly through
I love working in Tooele County because I know a lot of the people I am working with.
These first pictures are of a remodel for the sweetest lady on earth....Marge Castagno.  I only wish you could see the before pictures.  We took the laundry room out of the kitchen and added a master suite with a walk in closet and a new laundry room.  Everything turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Here are just a few pictures of the brand new house of the mortician in town.  Another extremely fun job, J.R. and Camille were great to work with.  Little E Carpentry always does a fantastic job making the cabinets......

Love what I do and love working we people that trust me to do the job!

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving at Grandpa & Grandma's house........
This year we only had the Conrad Family (minus Bob he was home sick) plus Dillon,
Deanna & Paul, The Erickson Family plus Tyanna Derek's girlfriend, Jana, Johnny and Johnny's 2 boys, Nikki and Channing the honeymooners with Daxton (who was sick) and Kelton. 


Later after everyone had changed into sweats we played CLR and Bubble Talk. 
Craig and his Family stopped in to say hello and play some games too.  Chad, Kori, and Ellie stopped by too.
The Allred Family had everyone in town for Thanksgiving so they decided to stay up to Debbie's for the Big Thanksgiving Day..... We sure missed all those cute kids! 

It was a fun day....we all have so much to be thankful for.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sidney In For Surgery

October 24th bright and early we headed to Bountiful to see if Dr. Edwards could fix Sideny's shoulderShe first received a nerve blocker (which made her arm and hand numb.....and it looks like it made her face numb too) then off she went. 

It's been 1 week now since the Dr. stitched it up.  The first week I was her complete I am just clean her room and straighten or curl her hair maid.  She will start therapy in 2 weeks and take off the brace in 3.  She should be up and ready for open gym in February.
Last night the volleyball team had the end of the year banquet.  It was nice! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hudson Highlights Stallions VS Cowboys

Here are JUST the highlights of HUDSON in the Stallion-Cowboy game.  Both teams did great!  It was fun to watch the boys on the field....even more fun to hear the play by play after the game with a mix of Stallions and Cowboys at my house chowing down on Sloppy Joes.  All the boys showed GREAT sportsmanship on the field.  Both sides played hard on the field.  Loved watching the hard hits and then a pat on the butt or the hand held out for some help up. 
 Football = 1 game a year for 4 years....Friendship last a lifetime! 
Playoffs start this Friday.  Hudson has been asked by Coach Christiansen to practice and suit up with the VARSITY for the play offs! Whether he even steps foot on the field or not what  a wonderful opportunity & experience it will be........