Thursday, February 26, 2009

Short and Sweet

We had some little visitors pop in the other day......
We were all just thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie brought Halie, Maggie, and Lainey to say hello.....we missed them over Christmas. This is the first time any of us has seen Lainey.

She is so fat and cute!!!! She was so much fun.

Sid had fun with all the girls they loved trying on her clothes and without a fight when it was time to leave they took them off. Maggie got scratched by petey. And Halie wanted to see the snake firecracker.....he is in Utah now!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


This is a hodgepodge of pictures, not one of Hudson or Bob. Bob did celebrate, well he didn't celebrate at all but he did have a birthday. He actually flew home from Las Vegas ( a work thing) that day. I was with Kim (friend from AZ) all day so Jordan made 2 different kinds of cakes.....thank heavens for girls!!!! From volleyball to work then last our kitty Petey.
Every weekend until April I watch volleyball, one week Sidney the next Jordan.......Yes I am tired! Some times we drive for hours, sometimes the tournaments are right in our home town.....Jordan's team was the host this week.

This game was in Denver.....Sidney just got moved to the labaro position.
Both girls do a great job, they are both consistent in hitting the ball......

January the 29th Schroll had their big Colorado Springs open house, we moved to a much better location last August.....

Carla one of Schroll's designers, Lynn from the Cheyenne office, John and Mike Schroll all came down for the big party.

In this picture you can see the back of my head, Mike Schroll, the Hartstone works men, and a couple of my builders; Tiffany from Tiffany Homes and Nancy Shea talking with Sue Fox her designer for Charlie Shea Custom Homes.

Our brand new conference room with our granite table and brand new full overlay (frame less look) cabinets.

New cherry display showing the old standard height in the bathroom vanity and the new higher one.

At the end of the night after cleaning up we took a quick picture with (left to right back row) John Schroll, Carla, Mike Schroll. (front row) Eric Silva a new designer and me!

Now we move on to Petey the kitten, we just love him! He plays so hard he will fall asleep anywhere. He and Chloe are getting along much better now, every morning they wake me and Bob up running, thumping, and jumping through the house.
Wore out on Jordan's shoulder!

Playing with Sid!