Sunday, January 18, 2009

A New Year

Sorry I have no pictures just news......

I turned 40 don't feel a day over 20!!! For my big day I got a Tom Tom, money, a book on tape, and a brand new PURPLE tennis skirt with a shirt:) Bob took me to Jun for Sushi (my favorite)! Later I met my Tennis buddies at Chilis and had a bowl of soup.....they all pitched in and bought my dinner...the chilis people even sang to me!!! Last by not least, Cheri and I kicked some bootie on the court!

The girls are into the volleyball rest until after Easter. They have both played twice. Next week Jordan has a power here in the Springs, her team is hosting it at the Air Academy High School.

Sid tried out for the school play and got the lead...........Cosette in Les Miserables! Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!!

Hudson well, he has a girlfriend. Her name is Chloe (just like our cat) HELP!

Bob went skiing with his Texas buddy Paul at......Beaver something???

The weather here has been out of control.....Saturday, Sunday and Monday all in the 60's ............ sure makes it easy to measure houses.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Eve

The Party was at the Conrad's house this year.....
We Played BUNKO- ate tons of great food- drank sparkling grape juice....
The entire group (I am going to kill Sidney).... We have Glen and Kimmie Larson, with three of their 8 children (Logan 17, Lexy 15 and Libby 10) Scott and Tami Hollister with only one of their 9 (Olivia 15) and Bob and JoLynn Conrad with all three of theirs (Jordan 15, Sidney 13, and Hudson 11)
We did a gift exchange....Sid, a little disappointed to find she was the proud owner of a nose and ear hair trimmer. When my turn came up I grabbed the trimmer hoping no one would take it from me.....ha ha
Sid ended up with a neat sound maker.....Someone went over the $10 limit!

Three umbrella's in one box....they were a hit. The Conrad family now has a umbrella for each car and the house! :) They started out as a Hollister- then they went to the Larson family, at the last minute Bobby grabbed them.

Logan always impressing the girls! He is so funny and such a good kid! Oh, and did I mention extremely smart. What a catch!

....I lied Libby is 12, one year younger than Sidney and one older than Hudson but she is still tall, smart and beautiful at 12!
Logan playing footsie under the table......

He gets that forwardness from his MOTHER!!!!! Here's the proof!

It is truly a blessing to have such great friends! Friends that have different opinions, backgrounds, and dreams....

But will be there for you through thick or thin....
All striving for the same goal.....happiness!
Happy New Year!