Sunday, August 9, 2009

Getting Caught up

I guess I will go backwards.....
This is me and my doubles partner Herita, we took the silver in the Colorado State games. We played our USTA teammates Lisa B and Julie H. and lost in 3.

Oh, did I mention we bought a house in Utah..... We will be moving the 20th of August. The kids are in Utah for all the try outs before school. We are pretty excited. Well, most of us. I will miss so many wonderful people and playing tennis daily.

Here are some cuties.....Skylar and Avery waiting for the big 4th of July parade.

The 5 K...... I decided to play the dusk til dawn tennis. Pretty sure I couldn't do both. No pictures of the tennis but Logan and I had a blast.
Ashton was baptized on the 5th of July! Glad we were there for that special occasion.

The 4th of July Family games....bring it on. This was my team, had Doug of read the rules his wife gave to each captain we would of won!!!!!

Grandpa Dick and Grandma Shirley waiting for the parade and the candy:)

Hudson, Jordan, and Sidney with 2 of Craig's (my nephew that is 6 months younger than me) kids Megan and Taylor at the parade

Me and Alaina......guess her age. Ya, she is huge for a 2 year old. And now she is going to be a big sister. I guess we are going at the best time for the first of the year there will be 5 new babies. Can't wait!