Friday, September 30, 2011

Stansbury VS Tooele

This and the Park City game are 2 of Hudson's best games.  The Park City game is when he got leg cramps and didn't go back in the game after the the 3rd Quarter (we didn't have filmers at that game).  Tooele was another fun game because Tooele and Stansbury are the big rival teams.  The team did a great job everyone played hard.  Of course I am just highlighting Hudson so it looks like he did a lot.....but this is just showing 3 plays.  Our defense was awesome and held the another team to 0! And with out blocking no one gets anywhere on offense.   Next week we play away up in Ogden.  Sounds like they have a pretty good little team......we'll keep you posted!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

This is what a SAFETY is for!

Here is a highligh from the Stansbury vs Morgan Game last week.  Stallions are in Black and Hudson is #14.  We beat the TROJANS 34 to 0.  It was a great game.....5 different stallions scored.  Great Job Stallions!!! And this is one of our STOPS for a SHUT OUT!

Sunday, September 18, 2011's been a long time!

We are Stallboys or Cowions either way we have a FRESHMAN that is a STALLION from STANSBURY and a JUNIOR that is a COWBOY from GRANTSVILLE......Oh and a WILD CAT freshman at WEBER
So far so good!  The GHS COWBOY VOLLEYBALL TEAM got a new coaching staff and the girls look fantastic.  Sidney is one of the J.V. Setters.  She does an excellent job, even when she has had her shoulder pop out twice.  At the end of last season it came out, we put her in a sling and that was it....then at the beginning of this year at summer practice it came out again.  She had a MRI and physical therapy, now she wears a shoulder brace to keep it in place.  I know it bothers her sometimes but she does her job anyway. The team and coaches have some bugs to work out but so far I think they look great.  We swept the Ben Lomond Scotts last Thursday, the varsity won in 3 where as last year we lost to them.   This year will be SIDNEY's junior prom, that's how long its been since I updated this blog. 

Now for the WILD CAT.  Jordan is doing great, she is working as a CNA in Ogden while she goes to school at Weber State.  She has VERY hard classes and really doesn't care for the whole college social thing (but that's really no surprise).  She has to come home every chance she gets to see Dillon and his little boy Colter, he will be 18 months old next week.  We all just love him.  So as far as work goes Jordan will work all the time as long as she gets to come home when Colter is here.

The STALLION....  Hudson has decided to go to school about 9 miles east of Grantsville in Stansbury (where we lived when we first got married).  His best friend LANDON Stice moved to Erda which put him going to Stansbury so we checked out the school and sports programs and decided Hudson would fit in there just fine. Another one of Hudson's friends NASH Brown also decided to go to Stansbury. 

There are SEVERAL GRANTSVILLE STUDENTS that go to STANSBURY.  It's a brand new school, the students that are Seniors actually went to GHS until this school was built and finished.  Some of the boys on the freshmen team played on the UTE team with the GRANTSVILLE BOYS before Hudson moved here.  So in Tooele County there are 3 HIGH SCHOOLS in the 3A division now.  I had no idea of the rivalry between the schools. The STANSBURY STALLIONS, TOOELE BUFFS, & the GRANTSVILLE COWBOYS! This last Thursday the STANSBURY STALLIONS played the TOOELE BUFFS, the STALLIONS have lost the last 2 years. (Both teams had been in the 4A division where GRANTSVILLE was in the 3A).  Who knew this game was SO big....well I didn't!  The STALLIONS pulled out a big win 35-7 and are now the holders of a trophy with a big boot on it, the boot was PURPLE for the BUFFS.....I am sure it was BLUE the second it was in the hands of the STALLIONS!!!! 
Bob helps coach, it is so much fun.  It is like being apart of a huge FAMILY......I know I know we have a HUGE FAMILY.  This is a different kind of family, it's a family that grows closer with every game....whether it is a W or L. As we travel together on buses or cars, sit together on the bleachers, or eat a PIG (even the know who you are) we laugh, we cheer, and look forward to each game.   
Hudson is having a BLAST!!! He has played 4 games. We are 4-0  It's to bad they don't keep stats as a freshmen, I'll do my best to remember.....let's start with the first GAME of the STALLION season PARK CITY.  Usually PC has a tough team.  The first half the score was 31 to 6 for the STALLIONS.  Hudson made 4 TD'S including a punt return and a kick off return.  In the 3rd quarter he was running and went down on the side of the field, I see Bob look at him and smile (so I relax).  They pour water all over him as well as make him drink it and he is back in.  Not long after he is running after a man and falls in almost the exact same place....he rolls off the field again and doesn't return to the game.  He and the trainer wave me down from the stands and let me know he NEEDS to drink PICKLE JUICE before games .  It was so hot and he was playing so hard his legs were cramping up BAD.  The boys on the sideline said he was squealing like a pig.  End score STALLIONS 31- MINERS 26.
The DELTA game....the RABBITS were not that good.  I can't remember a lot about that game.  We WON!  STALLIONS 41- RABBITS 0. Hudson scored 3 TOUCHDOWNS.
Next, the BEAR RIVER BEARS.  Bob and I just got off the plane from NEW YORK (another BLOG entirely) and ran to get to the game on time.  It was a good game although the score makes it look like an easy win.  STALLIONS 21- BR 0.  Hudson scored 1 TD. I love to watch Hudson on OFFENSE but LOVE LOVE to see the DEFENSE stop a TD at the goal line. 
Now to this last week.  STALLIONS vs the BUFFS of TOOELE.  This was a GREAT GAME! We had some kinks to work out in the first quarter then we took off.  At the half the score was
 22 STALLIONS - 0 BUFFS.  I think Hudson touched the ball 4 times and scored 3 times. Then the second half starts.....The BUFFS kick to the STALLIONS and Hudson runs it all the way back for a TD.  It was a beautiful run, those boys blocked, Hudson did this spin thing and then he was all alone!  Later in the 4th he PICKED off a pass and ran about 60 yards for another 6 points.  The game ended with a score of 42-0.  Hudson made 5 of the 6 touchdowns, he had a GREAT GAME but it is TEAM WORK, KNOWLEDGE, and  CONFIDENCE that makes this team a team.....NEVER can one person win a game for any team no matter how good they are.  This is a good little team, his buddy Landon is the quarterback and Nash is a corner.  They all work well together and we all know they have the greatest coach ever.........COACH BOBBY JOE CONRAD JR.
It's definately been a learning experience......when things like going to a different school come up in ones life you QUICKLY learn who your real friends are! There are only a handful of people (including some in my own family) that for some strange reason feel as if we have committed murder all the rest have had our backs and support Hudson in his decision. Hudson has GREAT friends in GRANTSVILLE, the kids feel bad they aren't going to the same school and won't play sports together but for the most part understand it's NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!
I promise to do better in keeping all you friends and relatives up to date. It is so much easier to blog than write letters or emails.  We love and miss you all!