Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Breakfast 2009

JoLynnie and baby the annual Christmas Breakfast at my oldest sister Deanna's house. Down her basement where many parties are held and the kids can spill, run, and play and no one cares!
This is Alaina, Brigs big sister....she thinks I am Cinderella. She has called me that since August when we moved back.

Sidney on the wii breakfast.

Jody and Laurie at the big breakfast bash with Grandma Fern (who is 90) in the background. I usually take a ton of pictures but I live here now so I put Kylie in charge, she did a great job I just didn't follow up.

Deanna finally getting to eat after getting everyone a hot pancake.

Ashton and Kelsie (I swear Kelsie's hair was short the last time I saw her)!!! Do not know what Derek is doing in the back ground.

My mom and dad...Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Dick. Both 82.....and going strong!

Jordan was late again but Kylie got a shot of her, Dalan, and Taylor getting some breakfast. The Conrad kids are still waiting for the hot tub to get hooked up. They wanted that along with clothes for Christmas.....we are just having some technical difficulties......ICE.

Avery Allred my Nephew Aaric's daughter. I have so many new nieces and nephews....I tried to copy and paste pictures but it didn't work so I will get them up as soon as I get them! Love being home with the family for the Holidays! Hopefully I'll get some more pictures from someone in the family.....Kori????