Friday, November 27, 2009


Me and Bob at Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Dick's for Thanksgiving....
Dalen on his knee and almost as tall as Gilda who by the way will be turning a year older December the 1st and would like to go bowling....

No Gilda is not on her knee.....

Beautiful baby Ellie....she is getting so fat!

Ellie and her mom and dad......Kori and Chad

Big talker Derek who talks smack thinking he can beat me on the tennis court....whatever!!!

Hudson chillin out watching football after eating.....

Daxton who tried to beat up or wrestle everyone....Notice no Kelton picture,
I tried and he would run!

Smiling Dalen......after scoring 27 points in the sophomore game and sinking a 3 pointer for the win in the j.v. game!

Gilda and Ellie!

Laurie and Jody....I think this is the first picture ever with Jody smiling!

Hudson and Sidney....Jordan was late, so no picture!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Homecoming and Halloween

Jordan went to Homecoming with Drew Hart.... A group of them eat breakfast then went four wheeling. Then off to the dance and movies. The reason Drew isn't in the picture is because they all met at one girls house and went from there. I'll try and post the group picture when it comes.
The Williams Sisters....Serena and Venus. The rest of the family was playing volleyball at the state tourney in Orem Utah and Mr. Williams was trying to fly home from Denver after 20" of snow falling. He made it and the girls did great the first day of state then it went down hill from there.

This is Witchy Poo she was also single for the party.......

Now rumor has it these two show up at the party every year I'll make Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Dick get new costumes!

Taylor and his Turkey Dalen......

I have named this lovely family the Cho family....... I do believe they won a family prize!

Peter and Tink.......what a beautiful, beautiful sight!

This is optimus prime and bumble bee......I heard optimus was a little upset he didn't win a prize for his costume. He knew it was gay, he just knew it!

No it is not the Jackson Family it is just Michael in each stage of his life....the sequin Michael really had the moves and won a prize for those moves! Doug's resemblance of Michael was a little eerie!

Honestly.......This could be these two in about 20 years! They were hilarious! The happy couple even won a prize!

Now isn't she a babe!!!!! A babe with her Gladiator.
Here are a couple of cowboys that just rounded up their cattle........
Looks like these two have been busy little bees.........

Here are some more Cowboys!!!! They have been busy also!
We all had fun but sure did miss everyone that wasn't there!
Aaron and Kate next'll have your own all girls basketball team! Ha Ha!