Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hudson Highlights Stallions VS Cowboys

Here are JUST the highlights of HUDSON in the Stallion-Cowboy game.  Both teams did great!  It was fun to watch the boys on the field....even more fun to hear the play by play after the game with a mix of Stallions and Cowboys at my house chowing down on Sloppy Joes.  All the boys showed GREAT sportsmanship on the field.  Both sides played hard on the field.  Loved watching the hard hits and then a pat on the butt or the hand held out for some help up. 
 Football = 1 game a year for 4 years....Friendship last a lifetime! 
Playoffs start this Friday.  Hudson has been asked by Coach Christiansen to practice and suit up with the VARSITY for the play offs! Whether he even steps foot on the field or not what  a wonderful opportunity & experience it will be........                     

The wounded MORPERS' !!!!

For Morp....... the wounded couple picked up some rival sweat pants and lounged in the loft at the Conrad house.  Drew with his newly repaired knee had his crutches in hand and lucky for him his MOM is so on the ball!  She and her drill team were over the dance and she totally noticed he didn't have his knee brace on so she brought it up to him!  
 For starters the MORPERS' in a shoulder brace  
 and other on crutches with a knee brace had to get up the stairs for dinner. Once settled in they enjoyed a fabulous dinner.....& dessert prepared by chef JoLynn Conrad.  With full bellies they got comfy in the theatre room for a movie.
This is a practice picture to the see how the glow sticks would show up.....not so good you see - so we took off the auto flash and then we got the glow sticks and no Drew & Sid.....

 GLOW STICKS...........
 After the movie they hobbled down the stairs and out the door to go to the MORP.  They had their pictures taken.....
Didn't dance but almost took a spill on the news paper decor.  
What a fun night for the both of them....
Always fun having Drew over!
Hope you are healed and ready to kick bootie on the BASEBALL field next SPRING!!!
Sid goes in for surgery Monday....hope she is healed and ready to kick some VOLLEYBALL bootie her SENIOR year!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hudson Highlights from the Ogden Game

The Freshmen Stallions Team did it again.  They ALL played a great game.  Nash ran down a kid headed for 6, Landon intercepted 2 passed along with Shane Andrus.  It was a GREAT game, that Ogden team had some fast little players.  In fact I didn't see #9 come back in and we are lucky.....he was a quick little bugger.  The final score
 42 to 13 makes it look like it was an easy win.....and it wasn't!
This week we play Grantsville on Wednesday.....should be a great game! They know our players and we know theirs.  At some point in their lives they have either played together or against one another.
Last year Landon, Nash, and Hudson played for the Cowboys against the Stansbury team in Ute League.....Cowboys won.  Before we moved back, several Stansbury boys (Zane, Gage, Jacob, and Conner etc.) played on the Grantsville Ute League until they made Stansbury their own team. Just hope no one gets hurt and they all have a ton of fun!  Oh, and did I mention Hudson will be playing against his cousin Clay Matthews.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Volleyball 2011.......Finished for Sidney

Wednesday at practice it happened again.....but this time it wouldn't pop back in.  The Grantsville Clinic was closed and the Physical Therapist didn't dare put it back in.  In PAIN over every bump and turn we rushed to the ER in Tooele.  The Nurses there were fantastic.  They got us all checked in put in an IV then after what seemed like and hour the Doctor came in and S L O W L Y pulled her arm down then 
S L O W L Y pushed it back and up.  She only screamed like twice.  Only after the painful part of driving up there and getting it pushed back in did they gave her morphine.  I watched it all (except the morphine injection) then ran out to move my car and get my purse, came back in and she was an entirely different how drugs work.  She is out for the rest of this years volleyball season and surgery is in the future to get her up and ready for 2012!